things I learned from mini-me's birthday party

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Preview of Cake Smash done by our awesome photographers

There will be a picture-laden entry (oh fine, I'll post a few now) about the party at some point (read: whenever the new camera USB cord arrives - I may or may not have lost the other one somehow) but for now, here are some things I learned from mini-me's party:

  1. Mini-me not only has a cuter, but a much larger spring wardrobe than I do - also, it is OKAY to covet your child's wardrobe. Seriously, she got so many clothes it amounted to more than one load of laundry (and I can fit a lot of little people clothes in our washer). Some of the outfits are actually VERY "in" and I'd totally wear them. I may have a harder time dressing her than myself now, there's just so many options.

    This doesn't include the stuff that fell behind the coffee table - WTF?!

  2. Mini-me loves egg salad as much as her mom - the term "mini-me" just keeps becoming more and more true. Poor Mr. B.
  3. I'm abnormally excited about the fact I never need another gift bag for a child's birthday party. EVER.
    Gift bag heaven :)
  4. I've only owned three vehicles (and by 'owned' I mean 'financed') in my life, mini-me already has two! 
  5. There is a VERY good reason Mr. B wants to get rid of the pond in the backyard - primarily, children cannot stay away from the thing! Children being close to water = children falling into water. Not good. Everyone is okay (thank God) aside from a little embarrassment about having to go through the house pant-less. Don't worry, everyone closed their eyes.
  6. Our newer and bigger house does not seem so big with 40+ people inside - I couldn't freaking MOVE! 
  7. Mr. B is my hero *swoon* - okay, time to get cheesy. Mr. B has been working tirelessly to get renos done in our house (we moved in in Jan. and he's been working away as much as he can - and working full-time). He finished the main floor on the weekend (right before the party) and I couldn't be happier with the result!
    Remember the fireplace last week??? Ya, well this is it now! Go Mr. B!
  8. Mini-me is AMAZING! - more cheese! Despite having her own party the night before from 1:30am until 4am, mini-me was happy ALL day! She was smiling, chatting and just being super cute the entire time. She also loved opening presents and smiled at each and every item (even the clothes - bless her heart) and there were A LOT of presents!


  1. LOL at the wardrobe coveting! I think I would if i had a girl too- they make such cute clothes now a days! And I just love your house! That fireplace is amazing :)

    1. She did get some adorable outfits! I'll have to up my style on the days she wears some of her clothes!
      Thank you, Brent has been working tirelessly for months! So glad the mainfloor is done. The fireplaces is my fav!


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