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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In an effort to bring some more style into my life, I joined a "Spring Style Challenge" hosted by Alison @ Get Your Pretty On. I've mentioned Alison and her blog before in my favs. I found her literally by searching "popular mom fashion blogs" and I'm soooo happy I did! It's a great blog, with amazing tips and great style ideas. Another bonus, Alison is so friendly and down to earth! She really interacts with her readers (more so than any other blog I've been reading).

Back to the challenge: you pay a small fee ($10) and she sends you a list of items (I think there were 18). Most of the items are things many of us already have (i.e. white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans) and includes shoes and accessories. She sends you the list and then you have 10 days to shop your closet, the mall, online or whatever (I may or may not have bought a new everything. Don't tell Mr. B).

Then the fun begins. Every night for 21 days, you get an email with a styled outfit for the following day. This is awesome for a number of reasons, but mainly it takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning (am I the only one guilty of standing in a closet FULL of clothes and not being able to piece together a single outfit?!). It is perfect for working moms or anyone without a lot of free time to outfit plan or who would just rather someone else do it for them (I'm returning to work this week so I'm going to be relying heavily on Alison to dress me!).

There's an awesome Facebook group of participants posting their outfits and most of us have already made changes to the suggestions but it's great because it gives so many ideas for future outfits.

So on Wednesdays for the rest of the challenge, I'll be linking up with some amazing ladies in the group (see below) so you can see how we each interpreted the outfits (based on what we each have/bought etc.).

Here's what this week looked like:

I changed a few things from the recommended outfit (i.e. NO white pants - for now). Also, going back to work later this week, I wanted to keep my distressed jeans on as long as possible!

Tuesday and Wednesday
Okay, you caught me, I'm cheating. I didn't ACTUALLY wear the following two outfits. Well, I guess technically I did for the time it took me to take pics. Mini-me came down with a double ear infection Tuesday which involved a lot of crying (from her and I both), a trip to the clinic, and yoga pants and a sweatshirt. 
I was feeling out of the loop today so I put together the outfits I would have worn had I been able to leave the house. I get bonus points for trying, right?

See bottom right pic? WTF, new GAP cardigan has a hole after 1 wash - insert sad face here ___

Also, see how I'm wearing wedges? That's a joke! We got a few inches of snow yesterday and there's no way on earth I'd be wearing those out of the house right now. 

For real
Okay, this is a more accurate depiction of what I've looked like Tuesday and today. Like my little accessory? Apparently she's decided I need to be wearing her constantly. Whatever takes away from my lack of makeup ;) She may be the cutest accessory I've got!

Here's the list of lovely ladies I'm linking up with. Check out their outfits, I already have seen most of them and they ROCKED it this week!

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  1. I love your fake outfits that you pretended to wear for the sake of showing off how great bright colours look on you! Hope your babe gets better soon.

    1. hahaha I had to Deena! I was seeing everyone else's outfits and felt left out ;) At least I have them as a reference for when I can actually leave the house in them!

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE that you got dressed to take the pics!! That's!! You look great! So sorry your sweet one is sick! Hope she feels better soon! Look linking up and seeing everyone's take on the outfits!

    1. Ya I'm a little weird but it was an effective use of naptime, no?
      I'm loving the link-up too!

  3. I love the button up under the sweater -- a cute idea to change it from the boyfriend cardigan that I am just not quite loving on myself yet. I think you look adorable, even if you have an added accessory ;)

    1. thanks Anne-Michelle! I wore the bright cardigan recently so wanted to switch it up! You look amazing in the boyfriend cardy by the way!

  4. I'm doing the Style Challenge too - isn't it fun? I would love to link up with you guys next week if possible. You look great in that blue color - so pretty on you! Sorry your daughter is sick :(

    1. Lana, I don't see why not - can you send me your email?

  5. are totally not frumpy! Great outfits! I especially love the necklace & your leopard print shoes from day 1. Keep it up the no frumpy {I don't see any}. :)

    1. thanks Carrie, I'm so guilty of only posting pics of me not looking frumpy (you should see me right now ;)

  6. So impressed you got in your clothes while managing a sick baby. Now you have outfits for days 22 and 23 all ready to go!


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