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Friday, April 4, 2014

There are so many products/items that make my life easier and prettier that I couldn't possibly think of and list every one. I'll pick a few things each week (okay, I'm not actually committing to doing this EVERY week, but whenever I can) and let you know what I'm loving and why.

What I learned this week: I'm pretty random. Not everything is fashion/style related, but that's what makes it fun! Enjoy

  1. Natural Calm - I will try not to ramble on this one but I LOVE this stuff! I've been taking it for about two years and I can't say enough about it. I was originally told about it by my naturopath to help with restless legs and staying asleep at night. It is also helpful for anxiety (which Mr. B would argue I need) and all kinds of other stuff. WARNING: if you decide to take this BE CAREFUL how much you take! Start slow! It's a natural stool softener so too much could be problematic. I take 2 tsp but I started with 1 and just and worked my way up.
    ***I'm not a doctor so please do your research and/or chat with your doctor before taking. 
  2. Clinique CC Cream - I was in need of a quick and effective foundation and was recommended this by the lovely lady at the Clinique counter. It's amazing! It goes on nice and light, provides enough coverage to hide any redness etc. I also like that it doesn't get stuck in my wrinkles (you know what I'm talking about). The best part is that it doesn't look too matte so it truly doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup (and isn't that the goal?!) 
  3. Tim Horton's K-cups - You can buy this at any Tim's and I couldn't get through the day without it. Enough said. I may or may not have a love affair with my Keurig and these little beauties took it to a whole new level. Well done Tim Horton's, well done.
  4. They're Real Mascara - It really works (for me anyways). I may have mentioned that I have been blessed with blonde lashes. Well, they're also little shorties (I'm confident mini-me's year old lashes are darker and longer - NOT fair!). Anywho, two coats of this stuff does wonders. 
  5. Sweet potatoes - no, that's not a link to the grocery store. It's nutritional information. Cut 'em up, a little olive oil and bake til golden. YUM! I have a hard time believing they're actually a vegetable but the site says so. Also, it's one veg mini-me will eat without hesitation. Winning. 
  6. Get Your Pretty On - being new to blogging AND trying to make myself look/feel better is challenging. I've found some AMAZING blogs to follow and this is one of my favorite finds. Alison shows easy (and afforable) items AND how to wear them! What more could you ask for? I'm already getting some invaluable tips for updating my wardrobe. It's almost like having my own personal shopper.
  7. Jean Jacket (Gap) - this has been on every list I've seen and many of my 'pins' on Pinterest. Luckily, I found this bad boy hiding in my closet (okay, this is a very similar one not the exact one). It's a 'must have' according to everyone and everything and I didn't have to spent a penny to get it! Maybe I really do have at least some style given I had the sense to buy this at some point. Right?
There you have it! Stay tuned for more favs.


  1. Loving your blog!!! That mascara is awesome! I like Dior's BB cream a lot so I will need to check out Clinique's when mine runs out. Keep up the awesome posts beautiful non-frumpy mommy :)

    1. You're the sweetest Michele! I know, I need to restock my mascara soon!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks so much for including me on your list! I need to try that mascara, I'm always in the market for a new one. Sweet potatoes are incredible! I could eat them every single day. So glad we found each other. :)

    1. No problem Alison, I've been LOVING your blog the only problem I have is not enough time to read it! I'm so glad I found it though and thank you so much for taking the time to check my blog out.

  3. Oh I am checking out that mascara asap! Thanks!


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