Head-spinning and other things

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Can I just take a second to say HOLY CRAP.
There, I said it.
I wish time would slow the F down. It's Thursday and so much is happening in the next week my head is literally spinning. And I'm not a fan of head-spinning.

House renovations have kicked into high-gear and we're trying to simultaneously decorate (oh and parent), mini-me's birthday party is Sunday (um, where the heck did that last year go?!?!?!?!?) and back to work next week (again, where the F did that last year go?!?). I'm FREAKING out!

Apparently something needs to happen with this before Sunday too. Get to work Mr. B (you know, after you're done working all day).

My inclination would be to run to the yoga studio and stretch and breathe it out but then I remembered that I have a SHIT-ton of stuff to do and apparently mini-me isn't yoga-friendly (although I've seen her do a mean down-dog).

Insert baby doing yoga pic here... Or not. mini-me wouldn't cooperate. 

Before you say it, I'm well aware that sitting here blogging is not accomplishing ANYthing on my "list" (which I have actually misplaced, along with my stupid bankcard). Maybe writing about how stressed I am will somehow calm me down? Nope. I think I just gave myself more anxiety.

Also, what's the deal with loot bags? Man these things are a pain in the you-know-what. Seriously, whose idea was this? I'm running around like a lunatic, buying crap that no parent wants their kid to have. It's so stupid. Next time, I'm sending each kid home with a cupcake and calling it a day. I would have skipped the bags altogether but was told I HAD to. Ugh. As if kids need more junk.

AND (yes, I know you're not supposed to start sentence with 'and' - I care not), Pinterest officially made me feel like a birthday planning failure. Remember the time I made an entire board devoted to mini-me's first birthday and didn't use ANY.OF.IT. I had this vision of how her birthday would look and how I would be all crafty and hand-make all the decorations. It would be beautiful. And then I woke up. And then I went to Party Packagers and bought all the cheesy pink "First Birthday" decorations I could find. I'm mourning the loss of my "cute homemade birthday party" vision. OH and then I realized that these cheesy store-bought decorations that are SUPPOSED to make your life easier all have to be put together and put up. On my newly painted walls.
Bottom-line: I'm a basket-case and come Sunday it's going to look like a pink plastic factory threw up in my house. AMAZING.

Stay-tuned for pics of the pink catastrophe that is to take place on Sunday (Do I mean the party or the cake I'm going to attempt to decorate? Maybe both).


  1. I struggled with loot bags as well. I felt obligated to give them, but didn't feel good about anything I put in them. For my son's last birthday, I bought books for the party gift. I got them cheap (about $2 each) and they were some of my son's favorites. I heard of another mom who did it and didn't feel any shame in copying her! My favorite loot bags are pictures, little treats (like a cupcake!) and nothing!
    That being said, my son does love the junk!!!

    1. I'm wishing I had of just done a small gift card for an ice cream cone or something.
      Ah well, there's always next year!
      I do love the book idea though! Can never have enough books!


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