the napless wonder takes a nap

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I can legitimately say that some of my frump comes from laziness and being tired. It's hard to find the time and energy to look decent when you've been up all night and your child doesn't nap unless it's on you.
Like many, prior to the arrival of mini-me, I had the very misinformed belief that babies slept a lot and that that sleep came easily. Apparently mini-me did NOT get that memo. Generally, she slept well at night (until around 9 months and then all hell broke loose) but she has fought naps like CRAZY. Much of my frump is the result of having a napless child.

To get ready with the company of mini-me takes about three times longer than pre-baby (I'm probably being generous there, it's more like five or six times longer). I have to stop regularly to stop her from licking the toilet, closing her fingers in the vanity drawers, ripping the toilet paper into tiny little pieces... the list goes on. 
The point: I feel like I won the freaking lottery when the babe actually puts herself to sleep in her crib and it happened today! It's one day and one nap but I'll take it. It may seem small to most but to me it's the sweetest victory.

Now, what the heck am I doing blogging in pajamas at 10:30am, watching Gilmore Girls (as if I haven't seen every episode ever made) and casually drinking coffee? I SHOULD be in the shower, trying to put an outfit together than doesn't involve Lululemon and maybe brushing my hair.

And she's up! I've offically spent all my "spare" time between facebook and here and now have to battle with the toilet-licking little person while I try and throw myself together. *off to chug the rest of my coffee.

It would seem that toilet-licking is no longer the thing to do while mommy showers. I thought I had been proactive by removing the toilet paper from the holder so I wouldn't exit my shower to floor filled with toilet paper confetti. Apparently the metal toilet paper roll holder makes a nice loud noise when banged against the glass shower door. Unfortunately, this startled me to the point of jumping and landing on my razor (which thankfully had the cover on - let's be serious, the cover was on because the thing doesn't get used nearly as much as it should these days). I cut my shower short but then was stranded in the shower stall because mini-me barricaded me in there. It's a wee bit tricky to move a toddler who is propped up against the door. I was literally throwing toys out of the shower to try and get her to move and get them. Finally, she moved enough that I was free.
Moral of the story: if your napless child naps, GO TAKE A SHOWER BY YOURSELF!