I have a confession: I am a frumpy mommy

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My little princess, Annabelle, is almost 1 and what that means is that this mommy will be heading back to work in a few short (very short) weeks*. Unfortunately for me, contemplating my return to work has also lead me to the very disappointing conclusion that dun dun dun: I am a frumpy mommy. Gasp. How the hell did this happen? Can this seriously be remedied in a few short weeks?

Two problems (okay many more than two but I'll be easy on myself here): 
1. I've spent the bulk of the last year in yoga pants and/or pajamas. 
2. As of this moment, if I return to work without shopping, my lovely colleagues will get a déjà vu from approximately two years ago. Apparently when you have a kid you spend all your money on them. Yup, my child is more fashionable than me. Shame. 

Sure, I've been über comfy the last year which has facilitated lots of quality time with my little cutie BUT I've often felt like a giant sack of poop when I have been out and about with said cutie.
Also, I've decided it's unacceptable for me to return to work as the twin of myself two years prior. I mean, fashions have surely changed since then, right?!
Most importantly, the times I do give an effort, I feel MUCH better about myself. I feel more confident and that's a great feeling. Typically, when you look good, you feel good. Simple deduction would indicate that if I looked better more of the time, I would feel better more of the time. That's what I'm going for!

The HOW is going to be the really tricky part! Sadly, I don't think "What Not to Wear" is on anymore. Enter this blog. I'm going to commit in print to try and lose (at least some) of my current frumpiness (is that a word?) and kick my style up a notch. This isn't going to be quick and it certainly won't be easy (I'm also pretty positive it IS going to be a little embarrassing).

Some facts you should know as I forge ahead into this:
What I am not
- rich
- super fashionable (clearly)
- a toothpick (this will also be obvious)
- full of spare time (we can blame work and mini-me for that one)
What I am:
- comfortable. I cannot wear heels everyday. I WILL die. Plus, have you ever carried a small child in heels? F that. 
- thrifty (sometimes)
- sarcastic 
I'm not a complete fashion disaster at all times (I can, on occasion, feel like I look somewhat put together) the bigger issue is that style doesn't come naturally to me and I don't often put forward the effort. I will need to delve into the depths of the internet and fashion magazines etc. for help (and I will give credit where credit is due: HELLO Pinterest!).

So here goes nothing. There will be posts about clothes, makeup, hair and parenting... And whatever else I feel so inclined to write about. 
I'll also share, wait for it, the disaster that currently is my closet (this won't be pretty). Due to being a clothes hoarder, I'm confident that there will be some articles of clothing I own that are hilarious to not only me, but anyone who else has the misfortune of seeing them. AND if you're reading and willing, you can (and need to) help me!!!
Here we go....

*mat leave in Canada is one year (yes, we are extremely lucky!)